My Current Diet Challenge


I am currently in Chillicothe, OH finishing up the last few weeks of my contract with the outdoor drama Tecumseh! At T! we are presented with an interesting eating problem in that we are involved in a highly physical production from 5:30 until 11:30, which doesn’t leave many of us with time to eat a whole lot during those 6 hours. So we’re all faced with a conundrum of how to fuel for work.

Adding to this problem is the fact that all sixty members of the acting company share on kitchen. We are each provided with very little cabinet space, and quite often around supper time the kitchen can become quite crowded. Often, I, and many other company members, will decide that it is just more convenient to go into town and grab fast food. The same is often true of after the show, when people feel too tired to want to cook anything.

In an effort to chat this problem, a group of us created our own diet challenge, where we agreed to give up red meat, soda, and beer for the month of August. We have all made broken the challenge – however, I can count on one hand the number of times I have. The best part about this challenge is it has made me aware of what I am eating. I no longer mindlessly order a soda at the beginning of a meal. I take my time looking over my options on a menu, seeking out the healthiest option and not the most delicious looking burger.

This challenge, like the best diets, is changing my habits. I already know that I won’t go back to drinking as much soda as I did before. I know that chicken and pasta are delicious at restaurants and I don’t always have to get a burger. And I already have plans to cook way less meat at home.

My diet is changing, and I am feeling better about my health an my life. Oh, and the picture above? Taken at Grinders, one of my favorite places to eat onion Chillicothe.


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